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Wormhole Fundamentals

Wormhole Fundamentals

Welcome to Wormhole Fundamentals, series of videos from Adhocracy Inc. that will explain each facet of wormhole space and it’s mechanics in the universe of Eve Online.

U-Boat Series

U-Boat Series

U-Boat series will contain mostly un-edited footage of everyday adventures of a wormhole based corporation in Eve Online, from a point of view of Asayanami Dei.



News, battle reports, updates and recent releases. Anything and Everything related to Adhocracy Inc, Wormhole Fundamentals and other video series.



Welcome to unknown space. Your communication beacon won’t work here, pilot. Here you will find all you need to know about Adhocracy, Inc. and the video series of Wormhole Fundamentals. Keep an eye on this space for blog updates about the corp, continuing video posts of the Wormhole Fundamental series, U-Boat series, news and recruitment information if you are interested in being a part of the fun with us.

The videos of the Wormhole Fundamentals series are designed to introduce EVE players to various facets of w-space, starting with simple topics and then tackling the complexities inherent in w-space. While the videos assume the viewer has an understanding of exploration in EVE, they are designed to benefit any player from novice to veteran.

Adhocracy, Inc. is a collection of independent and close-knit pilots who enjoy every aspect of Eve. Whether it is PvE, PvP, or simply exploring the vast expanses of space, Adhocracy is dedicated to giving players freedom from beauracracy and empowering them as an equal voice in the collective and a self sufficient player with authority to take action for the corporation.

Adhocracy is unrestricted efficiency.


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