Adhocracy Inc. turns 5 years old

About a week ago, ADHC passed the 5 year mark as a corp. This seems like a great time to be a little retrospective!

The story of ADHC’s origin has been told several times, so I won’t rehash it here in detail. The important part is that at the time we were playing in a corp structure which pervades EVE – there were a few directors handing down edicts to the proletariat. When these edicts proved foolish, the director response was “too bad”. Throughout history this has often led to revolution, and this case was no different. A group of dissatisfied capsuleers abandoned the old ways and decided to start something new – a corp founded around the ideas of mutualism and individual liberty.

I strongly believe that “baking” these principles into the corporation psyche have been one of the main reasons that ADHC has persevered while many other corporations and alliances have flared and faded. The empowered membership constantly generates emergent behaviors which would not arise in a dictatorial/monarchist system found in most EVE corporations. The adhocratic way is rife with inefficiencies, but these inefficiencies are a side-effect of a very robust and dynamic corp backbone.

When wormholes were added to the game, some very astute corp members realized that this was an environment in which the organization could thrive. Free from sovereignty and border conflicts, this frontier region proved to be a crucible which helped us refine the initial raw ideals behind the corp into a functioning operation. It will certainly be interesting to see where we’re living five years from now.

There are a huge number of people who have been vital to ADHC, and I won’t make an attempt to name them all. Every member who has stepped up to organize a fleet, run sites, do logistics, or even just forum warrior has contributed something to the culture. A special thanks also goes out to the folks who have brought us fights throughout the years. Sometimes we came away ahead, other times we didn’t, but we enjoyed them all the same.

Here’s to 5 more years. Fly dangerously.