Blood of Valhalla

  My son went down for a nap and I decided to see what was going on in the Eve universe. Usually during the day it is rather dead and I end up just looking at ship fits, haul a bit of gas or rock around, or talk to whoever is on at the time.

  I did most of that this time. Although, thankfully I got on around the time a few corpmates were scanning out the last few holes in our chain. For a time there wasn’t much to see or do. There were a few active and flying ships in one of the dead end holes, which we were hoping to catch and kill. Alas, nothing came of it.

  But our attention was drawn a few holes over where we found a POS that was left entirely undefended. By that I mean it was void of defensive modules on the outside. That’s just too tempting to pass up. If that wasn’t enough, there was quite the list of ships inside the forcefield.

  Two Revelations, a Chimera, a Charon, Nidhoggur, a bunch of T3s and a few others.

  But they are being boring and annoying by shipping into and out of the Chimera multiple times, warping in and out of the POS and so on.

  So I got bored. And then warped to their POS. And kind of shot at it in my Cynabal…cuz I can.

  Even then it took them a few minutes to notice and react. The Tengu motored his way out of the shields and threw a few volleys at me. It tickled. Others reshipped and warped out or just plain logged off entirely. That’s just plain disappointing. After all we knew they had skirmished with our friends in TRECI just this day, they had left their EC-300s 300km off the POS.

  When he retreated I cut my engines to see what they might do. That was when one of our scouts mentioned combat probes that were right on top of us. Sneaky little things, those probes can be.

  So I warped back to our connecting wormhole and jumped through, to see if they knew where it was and would follow me. Sure enough, the Loki was a couple minutes behind me and jumped through. I had been orbiting at range and when he broke cloak was too far to bump him. He wimped out and just cloaked anyways, even when all he could see was my Cynabal. Lucky for him since I had been joined by a cloaked Pilgrim.

  It then turned back into a waiting game…which I again grew bored of and warped away. I made it all the way back to our home system before they did anything. And then it was a whole lot of things.

  The Loki was joined by more T3s and then did some jumping. They all ended up on their side of it, though, and most of them warped off. However, a Tengu had not. That was when we sprung into action, with our scout grabbing an initial tackle. The rest of us piled on, including a very ballsy covert ops frigate.

  What a tough nut to crack he was, too. We didn’t have spectacular dps, but he was webbed down and apparently had polarized himself. He forced one of our cloakies out and decided to take a few shots at me instead. We ate away at his shields bit by bit until he was bleeding into armor. That was when his friends finally showed up again. Not before he was blown into oblivion.

  A Loki landed first, followed by a Scorpion off at 70km and more incoming. So I quickly looted the Tengu’s wreck and called for everyone to jump out. As they did so I locked up the Loki and got his attention with a few good rounds of Fusion.

  Then it was my turn to jump.

  I began to burn off the hole and got ready for the party to come with me. They all piled after and apparently they decided they just loved me since I got red-boxed immediately. A Raven Navy and others added to the blob of hardware. My shields dropped to half, nearly causing me to think they might actually kill me. So I told the rest to get themselves out safely and continued my way off the hole. It was a bit slower than I would have like, being webbed and pointed and jammed at one point, but I kept shooting. Capless guns are so much fun that way.

  It was an odd thing that happened next. I should probably mention my Cyclone is dual ASB fit. So when I saw it drop to half shields, I kicked in some tanking and it shot from half to full in one go. That must have discouraged them more than I thought it could because I was still boating my way 30+km off the hole and they started jumping out.

  That fleet…jumping out…when all that was left was my Cyclone and abandoned drones. A nice WTFmoment right there.

  I wasn’t going to complain so I lit my warp drive up. I was still webbed but they had lost point on me. So I slid into the tunnel and went homeward with a hold of shiny faction loot.

  We had some log ons of our own, hoping for a good old fashioned slugfest with the forces they had showed but in the end it just ended up with us shooting at their POS while they logged off and were generally pretty boring.

  For losing a bil, I was thinking they would want blood in the worst way. Oh well, my Cyclone proved itself admirably and I had fun blooding it. Top damage no less.

  So the next time I see comments like this:

[22:25:11] Cpt Solano > i remember when adhoc used to fight not gank
[22:25:21] Cpt Solano > no wait they used exploits wolololol
[22:25:31] MooCowofKow > aharm?
[22:25:43] Cpt Solano > same shit isnt it
[22:25:47] MooCowofKow > nope
[22:25:48] Cpt Solano > wh elite pvp
[22:25:53] Cpt Solano > all the same group
[22:26:00] KAOS Maximus > wait.. what is this?
[22:26:03] StrydeTaz > I remember when low sec pirates brought fights. instead of ganking freighters

I’ll just start linking killmails that say otherwise. (That quote is entirely unrelated but was stated in a situation where 2 of ours killed a hauler. The other bits of ignorance are wholly amusing too and there was much more than that, but I’ll leave it at snickering instead of explaining the stupidity.)

  So, go out and blow something up. You don’t need a lot of pilots. Just a lot of courage and disregard for your clone’s well-being.

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