EVE Online U-Boat, Episode 7

When trying to defend your home system, while outnumbered it’s sometimes best to simply outgun the enemies.


  1. Tasmine says:

    This article was too funny! We used to live in Colorado and frequently drove by the antenna fields. My husband and I would always make up cosinrnatvoes that the aliens were transmitting. Basically, we came to the same conclusion — “leave us alone you crackheads.” You were nicer calling us crackpots ;-)

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  3. GREAT JOB! Glad you survived and that it wasn’t too bad. Spending, like eating just needs to be done thoughfully. Otherwise you don’t even savor what you should. It’s all about balance. Now could you talk to your brother about not needing any new comic books?

  4. Als opleider ben ik het helemaal eens dat je beter je energie kunt steken in de dingen waar je talent zit, dan de dingen die je van nature niet goed kunt. Toch heb je in vele rollen in organisaties los van je talent een minimumkwaliteit nodig op dingen die je niet liggen. Kwaliteit en groei worden dan denk ik voor een belangrijk deel bepaald door diegenen die de mindere kwaliteiten goed beheersen. Daar ligt denk ik het lastige en in feite een verkeerd argument om aan je ‘zwakke’ punten te werken.

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  6. Thanks Dia. Yes, awareness is the precursor to being able to step back from identification with our emotions. There is some interesting brain research that shows that the cognitive act of labeling an emotion reduces its intensity.[]

  7. Igen, hihetetlenül bosszantó tud lenni a dolog. Nekem is mindig mondják, hogy "hé, te vagy az acelpatkany, qva jót írtál xy-ról" én meg csak pislogok :-)De félre a tréfával, "hallgassunk egy kis rockmuzsikát", ill. komolyan: én én vagyok (egyébként kisbetűvel, csak van ahol nagybetűvel írják vlmiért a nevem, de én csak egy vagyok a sok közül).(filmes alapélménynek kimaradt az Űrgolyhók)

  8. Could … @CosmicBoss2 Could you please give me an example of RT’s propaganda? I’m currently under the impression that RT gives an unbiased, fairly frank & objective report about the world (compared to the corrupt & skewed mainstream media stations).Cheers.

  9. Andy, I’m not undermining. I think you just proved my point. It is God who has blessed us as He saw fit and He deserves the credit. And of course college at Cal Poly was a significant plan for me. I spent 4 years doing it and it paved the way for a lot of my present logistics. I just don’t assign credit to the plan that belongs to the Planner. And are you SURE you want to lose 3 out of 4 again??? :)Viva la Weird Al!!!

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  11. Why should German retirees live in penury so that Greek public employees can live lavishly?Incredible comment, so americain.I think than in Europe we are less egocentric, are not bashing public employees in every sentence, have an history of wars wich make as very prudent in intraeuropeans relations, and that many of us go to this beautiful country Greece for holidays.

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  13. Funny I should read this thread after just coming over from WRSA.Over there, a post was compiled from the latest overt moves toward tyranny by our elected overseers and appointed dimwits. It is not hard to see the trend that is born from all of this, without even visiting the linked articles…how ugly will this HIGHLY concealable handgun be, if one day you are forced to use it on an armoured assailant, whether he be a garden-variety thug, or one wearing jackboots?It is a tool, and it should be designed to work first, and above all else.

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  15. Je pensais qu’aux dernières élections européennes, les Verts avaient été élus en grande majorité (entre les Verts, les socialistes écolos, etc etc..)Notre vote sert à quoi en fait ? A nous empêcher de nous ballader en famille le dimanche ??

  16. ah shit i know how u feel. i thought i was the only one. but i'm sure we'll get through it. luckily i have a job interview tmrw. i hope everything goes well..i'm rambling. but whatever it is that ur going through hope everything gets better. love ur stylexo Daisy

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  18. Oui c’est sur il faut pas mettre tout dans le même sac, il y a toujours des perles trouvables (j’adore Mahou Shojo Madoka).Mais la plupart des animés considérés comme majeurs ont un casting mixte (Toradora, Haruhi, Angel Beats, Evangelion, Gundam, Code Geass, ect…)Mais depuis K-On!, tout les studios cherchent à avoir un succès similaire….beuh

  19. I’m drooling…this sounds like uber chocolatey goodness!! I just picked up some mason jars at Shop Rite the other day so this might be a gift I’ll give the ladies at work! Thanks for the inspiration! =)

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  22. Meh. The book’s content might apply to undergrads, but graduate students have always used the self-serve, self-directed model for education: learn what you need to learn in order to do what you need to do. The nice thing about an academic environment is that it holds you accountable for your learning, which Khan Academy and youtube videos do not. To get a PhD, you have to be able to perform. But for undergrads? Yeah, I buy the argument that spending $100k on a bachelor’s degree is pretty useless.

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  26. I am wondering about the “private” setting. To keep soimething hidden,but can you send the link to someone to watch? I uploaded this video from my desktop to vloggerheads. So having another site to send videos to is useful,not having everything I make show up here.

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  29. Und in China ist zur selben Zeit ein Sack Reis umgefallen. Gibt es zum Glück aber kein Video davon, sonst hätte ich wohl noch 4,30 min meiner ansich kostbaren Lebenszeit verschwendet und das auch gekuckt.Also manchmal frag ich mich echt ob ich sie noch alle hab.

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  31. MCQ,When you forcibly cut someone’s hair and targeted them not because they are you friend but because their hairstyle doesn’t conform to your standards that isn’t a prank. It may or may not be part of a pattern of bullying. But if this occurred it is an example of using your status (popularity, position of leadership) to get others to help you physically force someone to conform. I see this as problematic.Of course I am not impressed with Obama as a teen either. I don’t think this allegeded incident should determine anyone’s vote.

  32. LOL!! ASHLEY!!! OMG, what a small, small world! How you doing hottie? You have such amazing style!!! I haven’t gone through the books yet but I’ll definitely let you know which one I would recommend! Your starting to get into make-up, your going to get hooked with all the MAC Collections!! :)

  33. Il n’y a qu’une seule espèce qui, par définition, ne sera pas pleurée si elle disparait: c’est l’Homme.On ne se demandera pas ici si certains seraient moins pleurés que d’autres puisque ça n’a pas d’objet.Quant à la rythine, « le délice de nos aieux », c’était un animal des mers froides dont bien peu de monde connaissait l’existence…

  34. great restaurant~ very nice experience~ i wish i had the luxury of going out more when i was closer to new york!say hi to your foodie~i love food network too…in fact it is probably the only tv i am going to watch (well with hgtv)…if i have a tv, that is ;-)

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  37. Ok, I think we will try adding some baby limas into the mix, but not too much. Every time I google to find out any problems using baby limas as pig feed, I end up with a list of recipes for baby lima beans with various cuts of pork. So, apparently baby limas do go with pigs in some capacity :)

  38. Dr. Phil just wants attention to be paid to the fact that there is an unnecessary pattern of redeployment going on which is in turn causing PTSD which can obviously reach dangerous magnitudes. Something should be done to PROTECT them, not REJECT them.

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  42. Hey Recca!!!Exactly — that’s the sort of information I’m trying to avoid posting.Regarding the accent, I can’t get over how cute/funny I think his David Attenborough ipression is. Nico normally speaks English with an American accent, but not when he switches to naturalist mode. It seems to come from a combined interest in Science and theater: he likes to act out scenes from films and television.

  43. -je me suis souvent faite cette reflexion, mais il est également vrai que ce n’est pas applicable à toutes les entreprises, à commencer par la mienne ( je vous passe les détails, car justement ce sont les détails qui gênent ! )

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  49. I went to a school where many of my professors were quite conservative and who were teaching from that point of view. If a student disagreed with what was taught, his answer could well be marked wrong on an exam. I dealt with it. And if I had to write an essay/term paper, I was forced to consider another point of view than my own and think of arguments to back up why I disagreed. I didn’t attend college to have my head filled with facts; I had books, videos, and parents for that. I probably learned more from the teachers with whom I disagreed because they forced me to reexamine my own beliefs.

  50. After researching lots of closed back cans and listening to several I agree with all the other rave reviews for these. The ONLY criticism I could say is that they don’t have a removable plug. For sound quality though you will have to spend north of $500 to come close to these. DONT waste $$$ on Beats! It’s just marketing.

  51. Don’t think it’s an either/or question… Sadly “patriotism” as a cover for bigotry is native to a lot of shores. For a long time.What SHOULD make us feels superior is the official response to it. So far it’s been fairly muted.

  52. I don’t know if he was passing per se maybe he just never brought it up…I am sure Pres.Obama knew the truth. There are many people in this country that look white but have black ancestry. ( remember slaves outnumbered whites in the south at one point)…think of how many of them passed as white. There was a white couple that had a black baby and after dna proved that they both were the parents they found out that BOTH of them had black genes it just skipped a couple generations. LOL

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  54. Can we collect the FERS supplement S/S at age 55 along with deferring full S/S benefit until age 66? Would it be to our benefit to go ahead and collect the supplement and the rest at age 62 rather than forgo the entire thing until age 66 or even maximum age 70? Please advise best ways. I am not the breadwinner in the home but do need at least 50 – 75% of what I made while working. I would not take out TSP until after age 65.

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  56. Tu as été gâtée par tes amis! et les fromages de chèvre ont l’air …..hummmm! Comme Véronique ils font partie des mes péchés mignons. Merci pour le clin d’oeil et ta gentillesse.

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  60. Der Atomausstieg nützt nur was, wenn GANZ Europa (mitsamt den ignoranten Franzosen, pardon, falls hier einer mitliest..) mitmacht. Denn wenn es in Polen oder Frankreich kracht, sin wir auch "dran". Herzliche Grüße von Rana

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  62. Holden: Doesn’t surprise me. This is, in part, also due to some other countries having reasonably robust fair-use laws, and so people in the UK assume we have the same. Quite a few hacks didn’t seem to understand why Google and Amazon hadn’t rolled out their music lockers in the UK; it had nothing to do with range, and everything to do with law.

  63. #210We could’ve had two incomes easily w/more disposable income, but we chose to do it this way. I couldn’t (and my kids) couldn’t be happier w/our decision. The pictures and memories of will last a lifetime w/our son and daughter.

  64. What an important topic, esp in today’s technological age. My kids are way to small for me to worry just yet, but my son’s school teachers them all about te Internetand computers….in fact we are required to get them laptops in the 5th grade! Although, like sex ed (I love the analogy you used btw Kirsten) I will not leave it up to school 100%. I have started teaching my son about the wonderful tool that the internet is, when it comes to researching something that he is interested in….now I have to teach him that there could be some bad things too. Thanks for the reminder!

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  67. We have to stop thinking in divisive terms such as black, Mormon, Martian, etc. and start looking at character and vision.Yes, Obama is black, but he also has a brilliant intellect and the desire to work with people, even our enemies. He is the first candidate in a long time to display some of that Kennedy charm and charisma. And unlike all of the republicans and most of the democratic candidates, he has the ability to bring back hope and caring. Yes, he is black, but get over that. He’s also a damn fine candidate.

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  71. In answer to your whispered question: No! It's very flattering, and I do agree with wearing short flared skirts with something fitted on top to tone down the "flare". I've got two years on you, and I would definitely wear this. If you had a tank top, bare legs and spike heels, my answer may have been different :)

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  78. Hi guys, Glad to see your having such a fantastic time. Brings back wonderful memories that I had when I went years ago. Joel – you are fantastically descriptive – love hearing about it all. Love to Jessie & George. Hope to catch up with you all when you return. Denise xx

  79. Hi Debbie, so happy you joined us! The beginner’s course is great, isn’t it? I recently tried to find some info on Future for someone living in the Philippines. Here’s the link to the comment I left her: I ran across a couple of articles describing the names of the Future-alternates in several different countries. I can’t remember what it was for Belgium, but try some of the links and see what you can find. If you still have trouble finding it, please leave another comment. Good luck!

  80. Hiya Rayne! Isn’t it great being organized? I did the same thing this weekend with my blog site…didn’t get quit as much done as you, but it’s a start.I checked out your booklist and noticed you’ve read, or are reading the Harry Potter books. I just ordered all 4 of them, and am patiently awaiting their arrival. I heard they’re great…just as good, if not better then the movies. I can’t wait to get mine and start reading them.

  81. I think “dreamy” is definitely the word for this house. I love everything about it. The floors are gorgeous. The kitchen is to die for. I might actual cook a little more if I had one like that! Love the upstairs attic space, too. And a lakefront view? Puttin’ it right over the edge for me.I might have to move to Canada.Thanks for joining the blog party! -Julia :-)

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  88. Recap Wk#9/#10 – Last week, week #9, the Race was a continuation into week #10. Unfortunately, due to being in transit, we had to watch the showed from the DVR, and, as is often the case, the show was almost a complete hour late. After reading the episode’s summary, I see that Bill & Cathi were eliminated. Kudos to them and for lasting much longer than I ever expected.

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  90. Jen – Wow, these are simply stunning. Thank you for being so patient and taking the time to capture our family in this unique, beautiful way. I couldn’t even look at the photos right away, they were so good they made me cry. I can hardly wait to see the whole shoot.Jen (Audrey and Max’s momma)

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  97. Hey Jamie – I remember the diary/pen days as well and somehow that diary didn’t suck me in like my laptop now does! Back then I would talk to more travelers in a single day than I probably do in a week or more now and I would have more group dinners, group outings and interesting adventures with those I met.I was talking with my friend who wrote me the email I mentioned in the post and we both agreed how lucky we were to have traveled before technology ruled our lives.

  98. Ok, you say you do but I’ve never read any post by you ever mentioning the many lives that Chavez ended with his coup attempt. They seem of no importance to you. Your harshest criticism to Chavez is that the PSUV is not democratic enough. By contrast a fantasy rant by an individual many years ago still seems to hurt your sensibilities so much so that you can’t let go. It seems disingenuous to me.

  99. I think it should of been R rating. I mean the book is R rated. There is alot in the book that I would think would make it rated R. I hope this doesn’t mean they changed a whole lot to make it be rated PG13. I mean come one there are some key moments in the book that I feel should be in the movie that are not so PG13. Parents just either need to go the movies with their kids or just have them wait for it on DVD

  100. Sorry, wilful, go back and look at the table on the distribution of income in the ABS link. Note also percentage increases in income rise as one goes up the scale. I’m quite unable to see how households with incomes of $6-800 a week could be described as “prospering” – if anyone’s making a value judgement, it’s inherent in that term.

  101. Jon; In our tradition, we rarely classify “cults” except in the most obvious situations, such as Jonestown, Waco, etc. We do use the term (ready for this?) “Error”, in ascending levels of intensity. (Little error– some error–much error–all error), with considerations for the type of error, and practices involved. There can also be “Unrecognized error” which can be used to aid in correction in a loving manner.

  102. I curl up with some knitting and try to focus on the people who will be getting the chemo caps or blankets that I’m making. I try to concentrate of putting love into the stitches and not getting caught up in the ‘noise’. It helps keep everything in perspective and it also helps me remember how lucky I am and to count my blessings!

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  106. Steve — I loved your post. My wife and I have two copies of the book and it's come in handy with at least two of my books already. A bit racist, but it's of the times. And the illustrations are priceless! I once came across a series of photographs that exactly matched the illustrations (though the illustrations were always a tad more sordid or sad); wish I could remember where I saw those photographs. Anyway, have fun with the book. Jim

  107. Galice to Agness – there have been just enough variations (the biggest one being the one that I mentioned finding in post #50 where article refers to it as only FS 23) to make it a little unclear for those of us not familiar with it. Whatever the locals say is good enough for me – wherever it actually starts, the Kim’s definitely wound up off of it.

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  114. "…The Communist Party had quite a few Jewish members. So did Mussolini's National Fascist Party. Had Jews been allowed to join the Nazi Party, it would have had them too…."As a German, I would never have dared saying that and I thank You, Sultan Knisch, for articulating it in your erudite yet take-no-prisoners kind of way. Because on seeing quite a few Jewish women (or who CLAIM Jewish heritage) being stridently active among the BDS thugs and the lets-kill-the-Jews-flotillas, I was thinking exactly this.

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  117. Mencius – are there really historical examples of people who called themselves pacifists on the basis that they didn’t want their enemies to fight (but by extension reserved the privilege for themselves)? Seems so absurdly obvious and self-serving a position to adopt that I can’t think of an example. Surely anyone called “pacifist” has always started from the position that no-one should fight, conveniently glossing over the issue that such an outcome would leave them forever in charge.

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  124. Alex I got that feeling very much from your postcard… the wordle version held a vivid sense of the scene… and made me want to read it Davina I’m realising that I need to do some journalling, and some experimentation with different forms of creativity too. Typing can only take us so far… I hope you find the time and space to do some experimenting too

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  132. yoga should be free (I actually know a few people, but they are a true minority). From my perspective, what’s most contested in yoga discourse is the rationalization of wealth accumulation through yogic endeavors. When wealthy yogilebrities say “I should be able to make a living teaching yoga” their standard of living is usually WAY above the standard in the US. It’s wealth. Which is not even to say that wealth accumulation is inherently anti-yogic (though I believe that in order to acquire wealth one will usually step outside the practice), but rather that it is a definite site of temperature shifts and tensions.

  133. Love this, Amanda! I find myself thinking… why can't I even get a shower when someone else can remodel their kitchen during naptime? Also, I clearly need more sleep than everyone else in blogland. For some strange reason I can't go to bed at 2 a.m. every night. Something must be wrong with me. {insert sarcasm here} :)Oh, and we are lazy around here at least once a week! :)