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Join “Adhocracy Public” channel in game. There you’ll be able to hook up with an RO and get your questions answered. You will also be able to fill out an application. Once filled out, we’ll review it and contact you for a further interview. You can also select “Apply” from the drop down menu above (or the link below) and fill out the form now.

ADHC Recruitment Policy as of March, 2015

Our recruitment process does occasionally change. Please check with an ADHC member in our public channel to make sure that this is still current.

Expected of Recruits:

We require two things from all recruits. First, fill out an application in our handy application form. Second, get interviewed by a recruitment officer. The RO will ask for your full legacy api on all accounts.

To get an RO for an interview hang out and chat in our public channel and ask if there is an RO available. With our activities and ROs real lives it may take a few days to a week for an RO to find the time. Bug us enough and someone will get to you. Feel free to chat with members and the general denizens in public: we like friendly players.

During the interview the RO will also check that you meet our skill requirements and chat about what you are looking for in a corp and what you can expect. We would like to know how and why you play eve to make sure you are a good fit.

After your interview it will take at least a week to come to a verdict. It may take longer. Feel free to ask in public if any questions have come up in the discussion. Typically someone will be in touch with you if there are any questions, but checking in yourself will speed up the process.

If you are accepted you will be brought into the corp as an initiate. This is the ‘getting to know you’ phase and should not be permeant. The initiate phase lasts a month or more. During this time you will have all of the privileges of a full member except the following: You may not bring alts into our home system. You may not bring capital ships into our home system. You do not have the forum privileges to see the subforums about initiates.
After you feel you have been in corp long enough to feel at home let someone know. We will vote again on whether or not we think you fit in well.

The Internal Process:

Your skills, application and interview are posted on our forums. Members read them over and vote. If we like you and you pass our background check you get in.

Your API is used for a background check. Only a few members have access to this information. The majority of the corp is only told whether or not anything looks fishy.

After roughly 30 days have passed since you joined corp we talk about you in our super secret subforum and decide if you fit in. We either kick you out, bring you in as a full member or vote for an extended initiate phase.



Q: How long will it take?
A: Time can very depending on our RO coverage in your time zone. When everything is running smoothly the process takes roughly a week after your interview is posted.

Q: I put in my application a week ago, but have yet to hear from an RO about my interview.
A: That’s not a question, but I’ll answer it anyway. We like to get interviews done within a week of the applications submission. However eve and real life can both get in the way of that goal. Our ROs are volunteers, and the work that goes along with recruitment can take hours. If we have a big rush of applicants ROs can get burned out. Holidays or big non-eve game releases are common causes for recruitment to slow.

Just be patient. Keep asking in public and a RO will get to you. Even if there are no ROs in our public channel, asking there can get a response. At the very least a member will notice and point you out to an RO later.

Q: What is with the background check?
A: We live in wormholes. That means POS living. Currently CCPs POS mechanics do not give many options for preventing corp theft while being useful. We have a few systems in place to prevent/catch corp theft. The most important of which is to try to prevent corp thieves from getting into corp in the first place. To this end we do an extensive background check using the full legacy API on all accounts owned by the applicant. Only a handfull of trusted members will see the results of the API data dump for your toons. The details will not be made available to the corp in general.

Q: My friend(s) and I both want to join. Can we join together?
A: We do not do group recruitment. However, we will assess each application individually. If we like both of you, we will recruit both of you. However we may only be willing to extend an invitation to one of you. Occasionally with low SP friends we will give a delayed acceptance, that is we will take you in 2 months when x, y and z are trained.

Q: How often does ADHC do roams/PvE/Mining/Industry runs?
A: While we do enjoy PvP and seek it out, we are not a PvP only corporation, and PvP only players are often bored. Wormholes are random. We do what is available be it gas sucking, mining, PvE sites or the people doing the PvE sites.

Q: Why do you have the skill requirements?
A: Our skill requirements are the minimum amount of SP that a player would need to enjoy living in the wormhole and to be useful in the wormhole. In ADHC everyone can probe. Everyone can fight. Everyone can help out with PvE.

Q: Can I bring in my alt?
A: Not until you are a full member. This is one of the few restrictions on the initiate phase.

Q: Can I bring in my Carrier/Dread?
A: Again, we ask that members not bring in personal capitals until they are a full member.

Q: Are there assembly arrays/labs available for corp members to use?
A: Yes there are. However anything done in the wormhole is for the corp and goes into the weekly payouts. The payout system will be described to you in the interview.

Q: Can I do PI in the wormhole?
A: Yes, but again all PI is considered a corp resource. We encourage members to do PI to make fuel



  • Aldrat VIII – Moon 1 – Caldari Business Tribunal Accounting
  • Kor-Azor Prime V – Moon 1 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

Directors & Diplomatic Contacts


  • Nilzad Berkina
  • Lord Wulfengheist
  • Loch Verus (AFG)
  • Klokvarg (AFG)
  • Calisto Helix
  • StrydeTaz


  • Awulf
  • Asayanami Dei


Time Zones

We are looking mostly for the following timezones:

  • All Timezones



  • At least one of the following – Advanced Cruisers (HAC, HICs, Recons, Logistics, T3s) and/or Command Ships
  • Racial Medium T2 Weapons

Mining, hauling, salvaging:

  • Gas harvesting V, Mining Frigate IV
  • Science 5, Salvaging 4, Archeology and Hacking 3.


  • Have taken multiple E-Uni Wormhole Classes

Mandatory Requirements

  • T2 Tank
  • Self Sufficient for ISK – You will lose ships
  • Ability to fly and effectively scan using a CovOps ship – either Frigate or T3
  • Ability to both talk and listen to corpmates on Mumble
  • Self Sufficient for ISK – You will lose ships
  • Functional knowledge of PVP mechanics