Small-gang Shenanigans

  The summer heat takes its toll on many activities, even an indoor one like gaming. Although in this respect it takes the toll by drawing the moon-tanned, mouse clickers out into the world to enjoy sun and fun. Thus it is natural to see a smaller number of pilots in Eve to kill. It also means you have less pilots to help you kill what you find.

  When you are in wormholes, finding fights or ganks can be difficult. Most days you will probably be left with people AFK in their POS, others that will POS up the second they sniff danger, or the opposite extreme where you will find yourself overwhelmed by multiple capitals and a blob of Proteii.

  Even a small gang of T3s seems to intimidate most into yapping in local about unfairness, so back to t2 and faction it is!

  Lately, we have been tooling around in the nullsec links we get in our chains since the rest of the holes are dead. And it’s always fun to screw with nullsec residents.  Playing in a space that has local also means we have to think differently about getting fights or finding things to kill. More often than not, nullsec dwellers will station up and trash talk til you leave. But sometimes, you have better luck. I usually avoid them, but ADHC does the occasional roam as well.

  While I usually stick to ECM platforms or a support role in one way or another, I have been taking my Cynabal out. I have flown armor fit ships for so long that I got accustomed to the slow alignment, slow turning and slow top speeds. So jumping into the nano, shield fit Cyn?

 Omg, did I just insta-warp? Holy crap I can chase things! Weeeeeeeeeee!

  It got bloody first with a couple of gas miners a scout found. They must have had eyes, because it didn’t take long for them to run from their cloud to a connecting wormhole. Our Sabre was able race them to it and pop a bubble up, trapping them so we could say hi. A little bit of me always twinges at  killing such defenseless things, but how else are we supposed to get our C540!

  Then it was out to nullsec. A corpmate had apparently been taunting residents by sitting in a Drake in space. He called for people as they scanned him down. Getting over to assist my friends is much easier in this Cyn. I could get used to it.

  As he calls out point on a Drake that came with another Drake to dispatch him, we spike local and engage our drives. Of course it is then that he gives a bit of surprise at seeing a Tengu arrive behind is T1 brothers. As soon as I load grid, I single out the Tengu and point him. Spooling up my 425s I spit Hail into the cruiser until his actively tanked shields buckle. Too bad that nice faction didn’t drop. Oh well, we drop his two brethren as well. We then retreated to the unknown with smiles.

  Rolling around with few pilots and ships that don’t have brick tanks means fights are decided on pilot skill and intel. I love those kinds of fights since I think ADHC excels at them.

  Which leaves us with a gank we achieved today. It was another nullsec venture that culminated after an hour of waiting on the part of our heroic scout. Initially our interest was piqued when miners were spotted on D-scan with cans out. Of course, even with only one unknown in local they disappeared into the caverns of their station.

  So, hoping to let them warm to our presence we warped a HIC to the site and logged him off. With enough time gone by, we hoped they would come back out like little hermit crabs coming out of their shell after a bump. And so it was done.

  Until our scout then noticed drones out in space elsewhere.

  He quickly narrowed it down to a Golem, Machariel, Megathron and Talos running an anomaly. I guess the locals had gotten used to us, just not our initial targets. This was better for obvious reasons.

  Warping in under cloak, he set up warpins and noted that the Machariel was sitting still apart from the others. If we were to get them all, we would need a two pronged force. But we still needed to get our HIC online and over there before they decided 2 was too many of us and warped off. It was also decided that we needed at least a solo logi to deal with the incoming dps of the pilots as well as NPC rats. Turns out I can fly an Oneiros pretty well ;)

Without much other in the way of choices, we went for it and hoped for the best. And by went for it I mean our little Anathema pilot decloaked to hero tackle the Golem. Naturally, the others scattered as soon as we spiked local like crazy which left us with only a Golem. So our numbers were a little heavy to only take him down but it was successful nonetheless. Not bad on the loot drop side of things either.

  So even if you find yourself spinning around with only one or two friends in corp to play with, get out and get blown up. Buy a dozen Hurricanes and take on anyone you find because it sure does beat not doing anything or deciding Eve isn’t worth playing for summer.

  Then share you stories, that’s the best part of all.