Wormhole Fundamentals, Hunting in W-Space (Ep. 9)

Sometimes you want to find trouble, rather than avoid it. So have your cloak ready as we give a how-to on finding player targets in wormholes. This combines many of the mechanics discussed in other videos of this series.

When hunting for targets in wormhole space, your main goal is always to locate them before they even know you’re in the system. Since local is in delayed mode, you will not be spotted immediately when you jump into a system. This brings us to the most important tip for hunting in wormholes: NEVER talk in local.
D-scan is your primary tool when hunting for targets, but it’s also how your targets can see you coming. The best ships for hunting are those that can fit covert ops cloaks, like covert ops frigates, recon ships, and tech 3 cruisers with the covert subsystem. These ships will not show up on directional scan while cloaked and can remained cloaked while warping. You will also want a probe launcher, preferably an expanded probe launcher so you can utilize combat probes. However, a standard core probe launcher can be sufficient.

When you initially jump into a system, have your d-scan window ready. Do not break your cloak manually, let it run the full 60 seconds. This allows you to hit the scan button at 360 degrees and maximum range while remaining hidden. It’s useful to have an overview set up that will show you only what you need to know. For hunting, a good overview includes all ship types, wrecks, scanner probes, and force fields.
The hunt now becomes situational:

Finding wrecks on scan in system is an immediate indication that you have potential prey running sites.
If you see probes, someone is scanning, and they might be about to warp to a wormhole or a site.
If you see ships on d-scan but no force fields, you immediately know that those ships are in space and able to be attacked. Otherwise, the ships you see may be inside a player-owned starbase where you can’t reach them.

When you have determined it is safe or your jump cloak runs out, immediately burn away from the hole and cloak.
Since there are no belts or stations in wormhole space, you have to work a little harder to find your prey. Combat scanner probes can locate ships the same way you locate signatures, allowing you to warp straight to them. However, you should only use combat scanner probes as a last resort, because your prey can see them on d-scan and know you’re coming if they remain alert.

First, useyour ship’s system scanner, without launching probes. After 10 seconds, it will show you all of the anomalies in a 64-AU radius. You can then go to the solar system map and narrow your d-scan to check each anomaly for your targets. If you find them in an anomaly, you are able warp directly to it. And if you’re lucky, you can land your fleet on top of them before they have any sense of danger.

If they’re not in an anomaly, however, it gets difficult. First, check all of the nearby planets. Sometimes you will find ships running PI, attacking POCOs, or otherwise sitting near a planet. If they aren’t at a planet, you’ll need to use your probes. However, you want your probes to be off of your target’s d-scan until the last possible second.

You will need somewhere to launch your probes, preferably out of their d-scan range. As long as you are 14.85 AU or more away from your targets, you are out of range of dscan. If you are unsure, use your own. If you can’t see them, they can’t see you. It is usually best to try to make a safe spot outside of d-scan range of your targets, and launch your combat probes from that safe spot. Some systems are so small that this is impossible, but many systems in w-space are large enough to hide out of range easily.

Once you have launched your probes, move them far away from everything else in the system and hit the “scan” button. It’s important to note that your probes will not actually move until you hit the “scan” button, which means you can take as long as you want to position them and they won’t be on d-scan until you hit the button. Using your d-scan, try to pinpoint exactly where your targets are, within about an AU or less if possible. Once you’ve done that, arrange your combat probes around that spot with a scan radius of no more than 2 AU. The tighter your scan radius, the stronger the scan result, and you want to get a 100% hit on your first pass.

You can use your directional scanner from the solar system view to confirm that your probes are around your targets, just point your camera at where your probes are arranged and do a narrow scan. You can estimate distance by using the tactical overlay. Once you have your probes arranged, hit the “scan” button. At this point, your probes are now on your target’s d-scan, so if they’re paying attention, they might get spooked. If you miss your first pass, reposition as quickly as possible and try again. If you get a hit, immediately recall your probes. If you do it perfectly, your probes will be on d-scan for less than ten seconds, and you’ll be able to warp right on top of your targets.

If you don’t have combat probes, you can use the same technique with core probes and find the site or wormhole that your targets are sitting at. Being able to warp to your target’s ship directly is always preferable.
The mechanics of wormhole space create an environment where you can be ambushed at any second without warning. Using these techniques, you can be the one doing the ambushing. Have fun and good hunting!


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  82. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! We are all learning in this mysterious, miraculous life! I have to say, I love the” typo” (or was it?:) in your line Patty, “Everyone is learning in life and it if ends up HEARTING you it’s all a part of the plan..” We know we’re on a healing path if the hurts grow our hearts:) Love you all!!

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  94. Thanks for another great sketch and the insight into your method. I love the in-process shots. They're a nice alternative to the short videos, which are great too. I know it's a lot of work (probably too much to ask), but combining the two – if/when possible – would provide the advantages of each.

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  128. Sounds like everyone is having a great time…with each orher, with the kids at the Y and in sharing the face and love of Christ. I can’t thank the leaders, adult and youth, for taking the time to go and support our kids on this trip. They wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for you! Thanks also for blogging so we can keep up with the great things that are happening up there. Stay safe, have fun and blessings to you all!

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  131. Det er sjovt at læse om dine bogvaner. Der er utroligt mange i blogland der læser krimier :) Der er så mange spændende krimi-bøger jeg endnu ikke har læse. Jeg er også med i spørgelegen :P God lørdag aften :)

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  133. RJP999,Nem mais nem menos.É incrivel as palavras do nosso "presidente"…foram precisos meses para perceber algo que do meu sofá vejo há 6 anos?!Santa incmpetência! Olhando para o porto e para James particularmente, imagino o que seria de Carrilo por exemplo.Vamos ver o que vão fazer de Elias?